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Johnos Border Leicester Ewes

Original 'Johnos' ewes purchased from Pethick Stud

Johnos The Hulk Border Leicester

Neil Johnson with 'The Hulk' Adelaide Royal 2007

Cooinda Border Leicester Ewes

Original 'Cooinda' ewe flock at 'Ardmona'

About Us & Our History

'Cooinda' Border Leicester Stud was founded in 2017 at 'Ardmona' near Gilgandra NSW by Cherie & George Pagan.

'Cooinda' is the daughter stud to 'Johnos' Border Leicester Stud from South Australia. The foundation flock of 160 stud ewes arrived from SA in late 2016 along with a number of young and stud rams.

'Johnos' Border Leicester Stud was established by Neil and Jeff Johnson in 1985 at 'Cooinda' near Keith in South Australia. Cherie is the daughter of Neil and has been involved in the stud and showing for most of her life. Throughout the more than 30 year history of 'Johnos' Neil and Jeff have maintained a strong focus on remaining at the forefront of genetic performance and progress. This has resulted in an even and high performance flock which is evident in the success of their clients. The 'Johnos' stud was dispersed in early 2020 with their ewes selling to a large number of existing and new studs. We plan to build on this strong foundation and maintain involvement in industry trials, breed associations and performance recording through Lambplan. 

This is not the first Border Leicester stud in the Pagan family either, in 1952 Douglas Pagan began the 'Oriana' Border Leicester Stud at 'Ardmona'. He ran 60 ewes producing flock rams that were sold in the local district. This stud was dispersed in the 1970's.

Keep an eye out for us a shows and field days in the future as we start to get out and about. We look forward to seeing our genetics at work in NSW flocks!

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