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2020 Stud Sires

Cooinda Breakaway 20

This is the third season we have used this extremely balanced and well muscled sire. He has outstanding muscling, eating quality and fertility ASBV's which are all in the top 5% or higher for maternal breeds. In addition to this, his BLX index is also in the top 5% for maternal sires giving an indication of how balanced his desirable traits are overall. Another strong trait to note for this sire is his high PFAT ASBV which is important when aiming to breed ewes with good 'doing ability' that are able to not only wean their lambs but maintain condition ready for the next joining. 


Cooinda Lock 37

His 2019 progeny have been a real stand out in the drop and we look forward to seeing his second lot of lambs hit the ground in 2020.

Stong, balanced and powerful this young ram has excellent early growth coupled with very high maternal traits of milking ability and fertility. His excellent fat and muscling traits will also ensure his progeny are well balanced overall. 


Cooinda Lock 101

Sired by Cooinda Lock (18/37) this young ram is part of our ‘Johnos Max’ family line that has continued to perform in recent years. He has excellent maternal, growth and carcass traits with an overall BLX in the top 10% of the breed. His sire of dam is the well known Johnos Aurora 83 giving this ram lamb a super high performance pedigree!


2018 160.jpg
Cooinda Breakaway 160

Sired by the Johnos 83 this ram has outstanding ASBV’s for the following traits:

- Number of Lambs Weaned (NLW) top 1% of the breed
- Maternal Weaning Weight (Mwwt) top 5% for the breed
- Border Leicester X index (BLX) top 10% of breed

This family line always breeds well and breeds consistently so we can’t wait to see how his progeny perform


Sam the Ram.jpg
Sam the Ram

Another young ram we introduced into the sire team this year was ‘Sam the Ram’ (Cooinda 19/100) who was sired by Johnos ‘Neil’ (17/7215). For anyone who knows the Johnson family his name will make sense!

Like his father he has a powerful presence with good early growth along with the strong maternal traits inherited from his dam (sired by Johnos 83)


Historical Sires

Johnos Aurora 83
Johnos Aurora 83

He is one of the highest performing Border Leicester rams in the country with top performing sons. He has had a large impact in the 'Johnos' and 'Cooinda' Studs. He has outstanding longevity and even though he is now more of a silver fox than spring lamb he remains unbeatable in many key traits.


Johnos 'Neil' 17/215
215 (2).jpeg

Neil has outstanding early growth and presence inherited from his father Retallack 'Earthquake'. His scale, length and bone strength will be well suited to our northern environment where we hope he will have a lasting impact on our flock. 


Johnos 'Max' 606

This stylish ram has had a large impact on the Johnos flock with many of his ewe lambs retained. The sire of Cooinda Lock 37 this ram continues to feature in the pedigrees of our highest performing animals.


Cooinda Hooker 122

If you are looking for a stylish, balanced and structurally correct ram this is your guy. Good looks don't make any money however so it is lucky he also pairs excellent early growth and fleece weight with his pleasing aesthetics. 


Cooinda Breakaway 148

148 has a very similar pedigree to Breakaway 20 following on from the ever successful Johnos Aurora 83 family. He has outstanding early growth with his Post Weaning Weight ASBV in the top 10% for the breed whilst still maintaining the excellent fertility and eating quality's of his half brother. 


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