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Our Breeding Objective

We are lucky enough to have started our stud with a solid foundation flock that has 30+ years of genetic selection and improvement. Our breeding objective will focus on improving what we already have in place to ensure our clients can purchase top quality Border Leicester rams bred to perform in the Australian sheep industry.
Our breeding objective focuses on the following traits and qualities we select for in our flock. Both ram and ewe selection is undertaken with a clear focus on our objectives to ensure we continue to improve our flock each year.

Structure and Balance:
All animals must have excellent confirmation and structural traits to be retained in stud. This is the first selection criteria for stock and will override even the best ASBV’s an animal may have. We look for well balanced and correct stock to ensure there are no future issues for our clients or ourselves.

Fertility and Lamb Survival:
We aim to breed efficient, fertile ewes with excellent maternal traits. To help achieve this we place a focus on fertility and maternal ASBV’s including:

  • Maternal Weaning Weight (MWWt) to select for ewes with superior milking ability and a better maternal environment to assist in weaning heavier lambs

  • Weaning Rate (WR) to select for ewes that will wean a higher percentage of lambs

A focus on these maternal traits helps to select for ewes with a good ‘doing ability’ that are able to maintain their fertility in all seasons and recover quickly after lambing.

Growth and Carcase:
We select for animals that are of moderate birth weight, fast growing and have a manageable adult weight. It is important to ensure this muscle growth is balanced with fat traits to ensure that fertility and eating quality are not negatively affected. 


We look for animals that have even, soft handling fleeces with a good length of staple. The fleece should be weighty and dense on the skin with good coverage. 


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