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The ladies (and gentlemen) have arrived!

After a short hiatus sheep have been re-introduced to 'Ardmona' Gilgandra, time to patch the fences, clean the troughs and bring the sheep dogs back into work. The woolly new arrivals have been resting up following a long journey from down south and are quickly acclimatising to their new conditions. However these are not the first Border Leicesters to grace the fertile plains of 'Ardmona' as a little birdy tells me George's grandfather ran his own Border Stud here back in the good old days. Turns out the Pagan's must have a little lanolin running through their veins along with the diesel!

We are looking forward to the new challenge the stud will bring and building on our strong foundations to service new northern clients. Keep an eye out for us getting around local shows and events going forward!

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