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The Cooinda Border Leicester Stud update you have waited years for...

I have been a little slack on the stud updates the past few years along with the website updates but I have finally gotten around to it! We are patiently awaiting our next drop of lambs that are due in a little over a month – our seventh lambing in NSW which has made me realise just how fast time flies as you get older. This will be our biggest lambing yet and we have likely reached the cap on our stud numbers as the big boss has said ‘I think that’s enough now’. For the first time in three years I have actually updated our list of sires used in stud on our website, so if you would like to have a sticky beak please be my guest.

We have recently finished off another fun year on the show circuit with the Gilgandra High School Livestock Show Team. This has been a great symbiotic partnership between the students and us allowing them to experience showing livestock whilst we receive their excellent help and many laughs along the way. We will be out and about at a couple more events this year including the Marra Field Days in July and the Nyngan Ag Expo in August with a pen of sale rams in tow.

This year’s sale rams are happily out grazing and growing ready for our sale on Tuesday the 12th of September. We are back into the 'buyers’ market' part of the cycle so this year will be a good opportunity to tidy up your flock ram team and introduce in some fresh, young rams. We will have approx. 80 rams again on offer with our catalogue to be available early September – click on the link on the homepage of our website to be added to our catalogue mailing list. As usual our catalogue will include the Lambplan ASBV’s for each lot to assist you in selecting the most suitable rams for your operation. We have recently received a five star data quality rating for our 2022 drop data submitted to the Lambplan analysis which will provide you with higher index accuracies for maximum genetic gain.

Next week we will head off to the Superborders conference in Wagga Wagga which will provide a great opportunity to get up to date on new research and updates from the Sheep Genetics team. Between Covid and babies it has been a couple of years since I have been able to attend in person so I am looking forward to getting back to what is always an invaluable few days with a great group of likeminded breeders. Membership to the group is always open and I would encourage any new Border Leicester studs and young breeders to consider coming along.

That’s all for now – keep up to date with our day to day on our social media pages where you will soon see an influx of all the cute new arrivals!

- Cherie


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