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2017 Sires

Joining has wrapped up for our first year with three lucky men getting to share a romantic few weeks with their group of lovely ladies. In a short few months we will be excited to see the results and how their progeny progress in years to come.

We used 2 oldies-but-goodies and one young stud:

Johnos Aurora 83

He is one of the highest performing Border Leicester rams in the country with top performing sons. He has had a large impact in the 'Johnos' stud and will no doubt have a lasting impact in our flock. He has strong carcase traits and even though he is now more of a silver fox than spring lamb he has plenty of life left in him.

Johnos Caprice 93

He has a deep carcase and great length that has bred well in previous seasons at 'Johnos'. For an older gentleman he has plenty of style with a strong head, good dark points and a dense medium fleece.

Cooinda Aurora 240

The pick of our ram lambs, this young stud stood out from the rest and has a pedigree to match. He follows on from the successful Aurora family from 'Johnos' that includes 'Aurora 83' and 'The Hulk'. We look forward to seeing his progeny on the ground and how they perform in years to come.

These boys will give us a real kick start in our first year and we look forward to seeing the young-ins on the ground in a couple of months.

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